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Healthy Meals For Athletes

Nutritionally Balanced — Conveniently Delivered

Peak Performance Catering is a meal delivery service specializing in catering for athletes who train and compete in the Tampa Bay-Sarasota-Fort Myers areas. We work with top athletic teams in professional, college, and high school sports. Peak Performance Catering delivers delicious, well-balanced meals to hotels, training facilities, and competition sites. We take the stress out of when and where to eat while traveling.

Chef Alyson Zildjian

Chef Alyson Zildjian

Hello! My name is Chef Alyson Zildjian.

I am the owner of Peak Performance Catering, and have been a professional chef for over 30 years.

Peak Performance Catering takes pride in providing you with delicious, healthy menus made from the freshest food. As a Green Business Partner with Sarasota County, we source local, seasonal ingredients to create innovative meals that meet the highest standards of nutrition and taste.

Our continuing passion for delivering high-quality food led to years of research into the dietary requirements of our clients, especially those seeking high performance, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free meals.

Over the years, as Zildjian Catering, our successful relationships with many athletic teams, who train and compete here in metro Sarasota, led us to develop a dynamic new division devoted specifically to the nutritional demands of competitive athletes: Peak Performance Catering.

Our partnerships with local hotels and venues make it easy for us to offer our services with a convenient and flexible delivery schedule. Peak Performance Catering will provide you with made-from-scratch meals to fit your budget, and we include all the necessary equipment and paper goods to make your mealtime stress free.

Call today for a complimentary consultation to discuss how Peak Performance Catering can fuel your team!

We look forward to working with you!


Chef Alyson Zildjian

Chef Alyson Zildjian on ABC 7 preparing a healthy meal for athletes: grouper cheek tacos and high protein slaw.

Sarasota Caterer Starts Brand to Provide Athletes Nutritious Meals – The Observer, June 15, 2017

By Ryan Kohn

One thing a lot of people, myself included, fail to consider is how athletes consistently perform at a high level. Do they magically wake up ready to play? Of course not. Rest and recovery is a big part of their success, as is what they put in their bodies. To that end, healthy meals are vital. Sarasota’s Alyson Zildjian knows this…   – Read More – 


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